Winter Storm Damage

It is essential to prepare your home for the coming elements during this winter weather. Knowing the consequences of not preparing your home for inclement weather is very crucial. Not doing so could result in costly repairs as the weather betters. Snow and ice can add additional weight to the siding, roofing, and gutters if the home is not prepared correctly.

            Inspect your siding before inclement weather. If the roof or gutters build up ice dams(build-up of snow and ice on slopes of the roof), you could expect to see damage to windows, siding, and doors as the snow and ice begin to melt, leaving potential wood rot and/or water damage.


Vinyl siding is the most affordable and low-maintenance siding; however, you may begin to see the vinyl cracking due to frigid weather.


Wood siding is inexpensive and has an excellent finish. However, it does require regular maintenance, and due to snow and ice, as it melts, you may begin to see wood rot or water damage indicating the wood siding would need to be repaired or replaced.


Fiber cement siding is the most durable siding option for purchase. With its thickness and heavy-duty material, it tends to keep the siding insulated for all seasons.Winter Storm Damage - Image 1

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