Vinyl Windows VS Fiberglass Windows

When shopping for windows, people often isolate their options down to Vinyl Windows or Fiberglass windows. These two windows are very similar yet very different. They each have their pros and cons, but it is ultimately up to the homeowner to decide which they believe is the best fit for their home. 


Vinyl windows are not only the cheapest option but also have the least maintenance. They do not require any paint touch-ups and are easy to install.  They are more readily available than Fiberglass windows. They also increase the home value, lasting up to 30 years. The downfall of Vinyl Windows is they warp due to heat and also expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates. They also have poor air seals.


Fiberglass windows are commonly more expensive. However, they have thinner frames, which means more glass making the windows look bigger. They are better at staying insulated and are more energy-efficient with good noise control. They do not expand or warp when temperatures are fluctuating. They also have a more appealing appearance. Not only are they increasing the value of your home but they also last up to 50 YEARS! The downfall to Fiberglass Windows is they are not as readily available as Vinyl windows. They will require paint periodically and they fade in the sunlight. 


Overall both of these materials of windows are very durable and will beautify your home.




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