Case Studies

AAA Siding & Remodeling Case Studies: Wood Rot siding replacement in Overland Park, KS

Water damage on the siding, causing the siding to bulge out.
Wood rot near the foundation of the house.
Wood Rot
Wood Rot


I received a customer's information in regards to Wood Rot. I set up an appointment with the homeowner to allow them to express their concerns, and elaborate on our solution to their problem. When examining the issue, I was able to pinpoint the start of the problem, and quickly discover a resolution.

We found out that 3 years ago, the homeowner had the exterior siding painted. Unfortunately, the siding was not in an appropriate condition for painting. There was wood rot underneath the paint. After 3 years the caulking started to fail, meaning it was beginning to crack. The wood rot has begun to spread to other surfaces indicating that the wood rot caused more penetration of the water and air; losing more energy.


To resolve this issue, we will be installing a new installation on the exterior to prevent further rotting or water damage. We will then be installing rot and water-resistant siding (James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding) to prevent substantial damage in the future.