Siding Insulation in Blue Springs

           Are you wondering why it's costing you more to heat or cool your home? If your home has not had new siding installed, it most likely does not have insulation underneath the siding. Nearly 25% of the home's walls are made of studs that aren't typically insulated, which could equate to one entire wall of the home without insulation. Un-insulated studs cause heat to bypass through the wall cavity and transfer through the studs, which allows energy to leak through the walls. The DOE (Department of Energy) states it's a good idea to install more insulation underneath the new siding. Adding more insulation to new siding can provide energy savings by keeping the heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer.

            When investing in exterior remodels, you expect them to look great and last a long time. However, many siding products began to degrade through the exposure of many elements throughout time. Adding insulation before installing new siding will improve the appearance of the home by leveling the wall underneath, reducing the visibility of the imperfections. Also, contoured insulation provides substantial support to the siding panels, which allows the material to hold its shape over time. It will also hold up to different elements, being mother nature or man-made. 


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